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About us

Based in Lee, South East London, we are ideally situated to serve not only the local community, but also those in the Home Counties and with the ever developing e-commerce world, we aim to provide our services to any business or individual in any country. We already serve clients in Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, India, France, America and Germany.

We have a staff of over sixteen, ranging from qualified accountants to trainees and bookkeepers. We pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our staff, and we endeavor to continually improve their abilities by providing regular up-to-date training courses.

We offer a unique service to our clients, which includes at least two points of contact so that at all times our clients can reach someone who actually knows how their business runs and can offer an immediate and accurate response to their needs. We want our clients to think we are part of their business, “more than just the men in suits” who turn up once a year, but a service that will add value to their business.

Contact details

Phone: 020 8318 1417
Fax: 020 8463 0340

132 Burnt Ash Road Lee
SE12 8PU